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  •  Yeah, the Ron Paul guy I know... (2+ / 0-)
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    greengemini, Jim P

    got really mad at me when I said he was doing the Koch brothers' bidding when he said he was voting No on 30 and Yes on 32 here in California.  He said it was only after "independent thinking" on his part that he came to those decisions.  And yet at the end of the day, he was doing what the Kochs wanted him to do.  Pointing that out to him just made him even more angry and unhinged.  :-\

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      tardis10, BruinKid

      You might have put it a little more plainly - tell him he's a sap. A chump. A sucker.
      I grew up in Orange County and I've dealt with these guys a lot.
      I found that you have to verbally slap them around before their thought process starts up.
      Laugh at him and tell him what a chump he is. Tell him he's a sucker for getting screwed over all the time and then telling you how much he likes it.
      When you establish that right off the get-go you have a chance.
      Otherwise forget it. It's not a matter of reason.

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