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  •  How Much Beyond Crazy Can They Go? (0+ / 0-)

    When you are already at extreme rant, where you think the government confiscation is "imminent" then how much MORE crazy can they get?

    I suppose Banch Davidian and Ruby Ridge level nutty are right around the corner.

    We are going to have to be prepared for waves of the insane coming out to organize and vote in 2014. That has always been the problem. Gun nuts aren't close to a majority, but they are demented and angry, so they will come out in force -- just like in 1994 to "protect our rights."

    The sane on the other hand have a lot of other issues to worry about -- like jobs and the economy and global warming, and the war in Afghanistan, etc. They're not fixated totally on guns. So, it's not symmetrical.

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