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  •  atana, mankind used to think earth is flat (1+ / 0-)
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    Sharon Wraight

    and now we know it is spherical due to our understanding of the world changing and nothing at all to do political activism.

    No "blue eye" gene has ever been found, but I have never been dated nor been attracted to anyone with brown eyes; my spouse has blue eyes.

    There are x and y chromosomes which can determine masculinity or femininity

    so ... instead of looking for a gay gene perhaps you should realize that hereditary traits are found in chromosomes.

    •  Yes, I got it that DNA is the hereditary material (0+ / 0-)

      and could write a diary about the sequence of experiments that demonstrated this. But no genetic markers of homosexuality have been found, despite plenty of effort to find them. There has never been any evidence for a Mendelian inheritance pattern in LGBT, so the no-show of genetic markers is not a big surprise.

      A theory was recently proposed that epigenetic markers may be involved. These are not DNA, but chemical signals that control expression of genes. If this theory is true, we should find them as the human epigenome is mapped over the next decade.

      As for eye pigmentation, plenty of genes have been found to be involved.

      •  But none of this research is responsible (0+ / 0-)

        for the increasing legal rights for LGBT people. And psychiatrists don't do research of this sort in any event.

        LGBT rights are a result of LGBT political effort, much of it against opposition from the medical and mental health community. Transgender people are still fighting the inclusion of stigmatizing entries in the new  of DSM-V. We fought to to have conversion therapist Dr. Kenneth Zucker removed from chairmanship of the DSM committee on gender, but were ignored. Our struggles for our human rights against the entrenched opposition of shrinks and other pseudoscientists are not over.

      •  atana: respectfully, as you know in science (0+ / 0-)

        not finding something is not an example of its non-existence.

        In other words, in science the fact that something has not been found or discovered does not mean it does not exist.

        So, my point is, you nor I nor anyone else knows what the chromosomal code for homosexuality would be so therefore we cannot say no such code exists.

        •  Um, (1+ / 0-)
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          the genome is finite, and the portion of it that codes protein is pretty small. There are all sorts of lovely computer algorithms that sniff through whole genome sequences of people for common sequences. This has been done, repeatedly, on populations of homosexuals. Candidate markers have been proposed and shot down by subsequent studies.

          At this point, hopes for finding a "gay gene" are looking pretty slim :-)

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