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View Diary: Fossil fuel pickpockets are bankrupting states (32 comments)

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    Strangely, there doesn't seem to be much movement to impose severance taxes on offshore wind and solar plants on government land.
    First of all, most of those facilities are on private land, and no value is lost.  In fact, if anything, it is added, and the land owners are happy to take the lease payments which, unlike oil revenues, can continue in perpetuity.

    The reason severance taxes are owed is to compensate for the loss of the non-renewable resource.  This does not apply to wind and solar.

    Additionally, you're studiously avoiding the issue of toxicity which is an unavoidable effect of oil and gas production, especially in the age of fracking.

    Why are you so intent on defending an industry that is nothing if not evil, or perhaps you haven't heard of climate change?  Maybe you haven't been made privy to the basic fact of physics which is that more energy hits the surface of this planet in the form of sunlight every single day than will be burned in the entire history of all fossil fuels combined.  I don't know.  Unless you're being paid to defend such absurd positions, I'm finding it very difficult to find any rational justification for you to champion polluting, non-renewable 20th century technology over clean, renewable 21st century technology.

    It reminds me of poor and middle class people who continually vote against their own interests.  Why?  Why are you so enamored with fossil fuels that you would defend them even as climate change is upon us and alternatives are available?  I'm asking in earnest.

    If your answer is along the lines of, "Only fossil fuels can give us the power we need," don't bother responding.

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