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  •  I bet I know people who know him (6+ / 0-)

    The Green Berets in Vietnam were prettyy few and they have a real tight association---EVERYBODY either knows someone or knows someone who does, you can't fool this bunch.
    I know several really well, as I say---people went back and forth between the lrrps/Rangers and the SF. We were sorta the Junior them, the cheapo version.

    There was a guy on a military website I posted on who claimed to be a 4 tour Green Beret. I  though he ws full of shit then but at tht time did not know a lot of stuff I do now. he had a whole rap down and would baffle people with bullshit---he must have read a lot. he had the Special Forces patch tattooed on his arm.
    A real GB came on and Shamwow---as he later ws known called him a phony. The WRONG thing to do, they came back with a vengeance and posted all his military records (available through FOIA) which showed he'd been an artillery staff officer for only one tour, even had some pictures of him.
    they made him look SO sick.
    Wannabes are real scumbags IMHO, but its legal to lie about your military service, no fooling, its protected Freedom of Speech as defined by the SCOTUS

    Happy just to be alive

    by exlrrp on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 08:50:21 PM PST

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