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    vgranucci, Aunt Pat

    Sure - my son, a Green Beret Medic, just back from Afganistan.

    And they still play a piece of "The Ballad of the Green Beret" at the graduation at Ft. Bragg. Got the Video and the t-shirt when he did it.

    So, even though he's a medic, he'll tell you he's a shooter first and a medic second - because on an A-team (ODA) you may have to fight your way in, set up security perimeter, vett everyone before you can do any good things.

    Unlike the average Green Beret guy out of high school, he's an honors graduate in International Affairs. He got in on an 18X (that's an MOS, so he's now an 18D) plan that recruits civilians directly into SF, rather than the typical "be in the Army for a couple of years, apply to SF...". (I'm ex Air Force Vietnam-era Pilot and Weapons Officer)

    Yes, the consolidation of SF elements into JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) blurred the lines about SEALs, Rangers, Army SF GB and the like. Especially in the press Who seem to have no clue.

    The poster above is quite right, there are differences - SEALs for in-country insertion, assassinations, rescue, Delta Force for Hostage Situations, Rangers for tactical capture....and Green Beret for "Hearts and Minds". Wasn't always that way always in Vietnam, but it's evolved.

    He speaks Chinese - all SF guys get language training - but his he got in college, and lived in China a year (yes, we're still paying for that) . Early on, before he got rock-hard, he almost failed a PT test.

    The DI said "Why should we keep you, maggot?"

    "Well, Sergent, because I  speak Chinese"

    "OK, you're in! - but more pushups!!". (or something like that)

    Of course he's Airborne and loves that. The story he tells is that jumping from AF C130s is easy, just step off the ramp. When they jump from smaller Army planes the joke is that when they get on someone always says "who wants to jump out of a perfectly good airplane??" and the response is "these aren't perfectly good airplanes, and the pilots are jealous because you guys already have your 'chutes on !!"

    If you are into the concept of what JSOC, SF, and GB in particular are trying to achieve, read "One Bullet Away" by Nate Fick, currently of the Center for New American Security, "Eating Soup with a Knife" by Lt. Col. John Nagl, same think tank, and The Sling and The Stone by Marine Col. Thomas X. Hammes, an excellent overview of how we got to Fourth-Generation warfare (4GW). And why SF matters in the new battlespace.

    There are many other great books on 4GW, lessons from Vietnam, tactics and strategy, hearts and minds.... I'd list them, but my son came a few weeks back and took them all back to Ft Lewis/McChord (he's part of 1st Group)

    Without geometry, life is pointless. And blues harmonica players suck.

    by blindcynic on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 11:30:10 PM PST

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