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  •  I wouldn't say that (0+ / 0-)

    I get the cartoon and even read the article from which he got the idea to use the "onion" headline.

    The actual article from the WSJ is made up of factual information and the cartoon is nothing but an illustrated link that you can barely make out unless you click on it.  

    I'm assuming that the WSJ wanted me to read the article rather than look at the cartoon but what do I know.  

    Either way I don't think people are getting too many SS benefits and I certainly consider the illustration an example of only working people seeing a tax hike.

    I also don't get upset when people who make lots of money are not happy when their taxes go up.  They may know full well they can afford it, they just may not like it and as I said I don't think that is an uncommon problem.  

    The actual article didn't express remorse for high wage earners they just ran the numbers.

    The diary is angry and is attacking a phantom person with a perceived attitude and that just isn't reality.  Just because you make 250k and are mad that you are paying more taxes doesn't make you an asshole, plain and simple.

    Who ya gonna shoot wit dat homie, you'd rather blast an original instead of a phony, true macaroni, you don't even know me, and why does your gun say n****z only?

    by mim5677 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 07:46:43 AM PST

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