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View Diary: First order of business on gun legislation: bridging the Democratic divide on content and tactics (131 comments)

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  •  As a gun toting liberal I agree with (7+ / 0-)

    better background checks and limiting magazine capacity. For further explication of my views and relevant experiences see Have Gun, Will Carry With Great Reluctance

    The functional differences between so called assault rifles and other semi-automatic rifles is negligible and pump action shotguns can be fired faster than semi-automatic shotguns.

    The CDC and ATF are prevented from gathering, analyzing and publishing data on gun mortality and morbidity so that we are all shooting in the dark on this issue.

    The type of incidents described in my diary and some of the comments to it where a person brandishes a weapon in order to prevent an assault are generally unreported and do not show up in data that are collected. See for instance the comment by Stance Like Ptah, who like me lives in or near a high crime area:

     Israeli Arms sold for 80$ on 67/Flora (7+ / 0-)

    Guy has been in business since I was ten.  Through the Heroin wars, though the Crack Wars, through the 'Sewn Ups' (Marijuana wholesalers) currently going on.

    The cops don't give a shit about anything east of International and 11th.  They drive through, but if you ask, they'll tell you, "Nothing we can do, it's...political."

    I visit Oaktown 3x a week.  All my friends are there.  I maintain a variety of reasonable offenses, and gentrified safe zones are appearing as Whites get over their parents irrational fears.  Still, something will always drag you to East Oakland, just a matter of time.  I'm from the deep East Oakland (Murder Dubs/69 Ville Projects) and you have to be ready.

    If you look at the dead children in Oakland unmourned and causing hardly a ripple nationally, and then look at the flailing over the white kids at Newtown, I'm sure you can grasp my perspective on the current gun debate.

    My entire family has arsenals, but have had no incidents
    in 41 years, other than my Dad scaring off a few thieves.
    That's not trackable in gun defense metrics.  Neither is my daily stomp through bad neighborhoods.  The realities of urban living in Poverty are being ignored completely; not a shocker to the brown skinned.  Well, anyway, do your thing, we'll see what the House lets through.  Should be interesting.

    I greatly enjoyed your post.

    A gentleman will not insult me, and no man not a gentleman can insult me. Frederick Douglass

    by Stance Like Ptah on Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 07:25:53 PM PST

    The frog jumped/ into the old pond/ plop! (Basho)

    by Wolf10 on Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 08:50:26 AM PST

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