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  •  $1.9 trillion w/the purpose (1+ / 0-)
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    1Nic Ven

    of buying out their competitors.  
    Five media sociopathic corps control all information.

    Private health care steals up to one third of all premiums. How many people die because of that alone?

    Overhead, admin costs for Medicare is approx. four percent.
    Overhead, admin costs for Social Security approx. one percent.

    Mental illness is endemic among management and billionaires.

    Our only hope is to find doctors willing to diagnose them as severely mentally ill and a blatant danger to humanity.

    Follow them, track them, expose them.  Stop using euphemisms like corporations and foundations.  Use their personal names.  Where were they today, who did they talk w/?, etc. Constantly pour spotlights on all their actions.

    The Koch's, Petersons', de Vos', Walton's, Simmons' etc. They are insane and the sycophants who on suckle them.
    What more proof do doctors need to find them severely mentally ill?

    •  Good points - those huge corporations are OWNED (2+ / 0-)
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      1Nic Ven, Tommye

      almost entirely by those we call the 1% - yeah, they'll sell a share of stock to anyone, even me, but they'll never listen to me, or care what I want, because the shares that control these corps are held by the unimaginably wealthy...and by other corps whose controlling blocks are likewise distributed among the ruling class.  Some individuals, sure, but mostly families and family foundations (and speaking of needed reforms, these ghola exist only to provide a durable base for the steady accumulation of UNEARNED PRIVATE WEALTH).

      These are the people who decide who hires the CEO & how much he/she/it gets in "compensation".

      These are the people who tell the boards of directors what they want done.  These are the people who overwhelmingly profit from the acts of those companies, while being insulated from responsibility for those acts.  

      These are the people for whom politicians and judges are bribed, for whom competing technologies are crushed, hidden, or co-opted to feed the river of money from which these people draw.

      These are the people for whom economies are destroyed;  for whom wars are instigated;  for whom natural resources are either stripped from the land;  for whom governments are toppled;  for whom habitats are rendered uninhabitable;  for whom the unnecessarily poor are ground up like ore and then cast aside.

      I call it feudalism-by-proxy.

      Dick Cheney: "Reagan proved deficits don't matter"
      Mitch McConnell: "There's no evidence whatsoever that the Bush tax cuts actually diminished revenue"

      by chmood on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 05:01:38 AM PST

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