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View Diary: Job market expanding, but so are the numbers of part-timers and workers earning lower wages (27 comments)

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  •  Predictable result of ACA kicking in (0+ / 0-)

    Simply put, Obamacare incentivizes part-time jobs.  This was entirely predictable.

    The absolute worst time ACA could be kicking in is at the end of a recession like this, when the full-time job market should be heating up.

    More and more jobs will be made part-time and/or outsourced to third party providers.

    There are many employers whose profit margins simply would not allow them to keep the employees full-time.  And even if an employer wanted to and wanted to pass on the costs to the consumer, his/her competitors will take advantage of the law and cut their employee's hours to avoid the penalty or avoid purchasing insurance.

    This (among many other things) was probably to biggest flaw in the way ACA was set up.  It should have been a universal payroll tax that ALL employees paid with some employer paid match.  But, as it is, we are left with a mess and a stagnating job market for years to come.

    ACA also encourages outsourcing jobs to foreign workers like nothing else in years.  Just when foreign workers were becoming competitive with American workers and we could see bringing some of those jobs back, ACA makes foreign workers look rather attractive once again.

    •  it should have been single payer (2+ / 0-)
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      midwesterner, Bon Temps

      but with the insane Republican Congress Posse and their Democratic Party enablers, it's  hard to imagine something sensible ever getting passed

      •  Yes.. single payer would have been preferable (0+ / 0-)

        but not necessary.

        If you want a really good model for an alternative to single-payer, look at Medicare and the supplemental market.  It is really a hybrid single-payer/private insurer system.

        The base benefits could have been modest.  Part A & B covering different services.

        Supplemental could have covered the rest, perhaps with assistance to low-income families toward the supplemental insurance.

        Private insurers would have gladly taken on the administration as a way to get people to purchase their supplemental coverage.

        There really is nothing good about ACA.

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