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View Diary: Magic tricks, loopholes, government shutdowns and the debt ceiling (158 comments)

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    "Will the president merely allow an economic catastrophe to unfold just to be able to say he did not use a gimmick or a loophole? I would hope not."

    I hope not too, but I am smart enough to realize that Obama is capable of doing just that.  Don't forget; the Democrats have no track record in standing up to and staring down the Republicans.  Since Barak's been in office, the situation has been, to paraphrase the song from "Damn Yankees," "Whatever the Republicans want, the Republicans get."

    The Republican Party is no longer rational, so using rational means to oppose them won't work.  Barak must muster up the guts to be willing to use the Constitution or the platinum coin to beat the thugs at their own game.  Fighting the thugs takes guts and the willingness to use such means as will bring them to defeat.  I'm hoping for all of our sakes that Barak is not found wanting in this area.

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