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    Arizona was never part of the Confederate States of America, having been first admitted as a state in 1912, long after the US Civil War had ended.

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      eastsidedemocrat, BlackSheep1, aargh

      Actually, if you research the historical roots of Arizona prior to becoming a State, as a territory is was part of the Confederate States of America.

      I suggest you google, ARIZONA ORDINANCE OF SECESSION, and you will discover that Arizona most certainly did, as a territory seced from the union.

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        Thanks.  But it appears that Arizona wasn't even a territory at the time at all, and it was just a group of private citizens who held a meet-up and tried to declare it a form of a constitutional convention, something which no one else recognized as such.    In 1863, the US still declared it a territory and established its borders, apparently not taking into account the confederate sympathizers' opinion.  But I see why you call it such in any case.

        Good diary though.

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      It was occupied by the CSA in 1861 and had a Confederate territorial government.

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