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  •  Sandy Hook was a perfect storm. (2+ / 0-)
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    CA wildwoman, radical simplicity

    What happened was like the ultimate nightmare scenario from a gun-control pamphlet: The psycho son of an NRA poster-child (who'd stockpiled war ordnance out of hysteria and paranoia ramped up by the NRA) uses the lethal - and legally-obtained - weapons to kill a lot of very young (mostly white) children just before Christmas.

    There is NOTHING the NRA nor the RKBAs can do to excuse, defend, shift blame, or gloss over that imagery. Not this time. Their talking points aren't negated, they're annihilated.

    And race is definitely a factor. There was a Columbine every weekend in L.A. during the 1980s, because of the crack and gun epidemic, but no one cared about black and brown kids getting shot. Certainly never heard NRA spokespeople lamenting the lack of guns among unarmed young black men who get killed by cops or racist vigilantes.

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