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  •  Anastasia makes a very good point (1+ / 0-)

    about the 2016 race and who the GOP nominates.

    In Iowa, Santorum was found to have narrowly defeated Romney, but Romney got the headlines on caucus night.  At one point, Bachmann, Perry, and who knows who else led in Iowa, then by the night of the caucus, it came down to the thinnest of margins.  

    Pretty volatile Republican vote out there, at least in the caucuses.  Hard to make a call on how they'll respond to the potential 2016 candidates.

    New Hampshire?  Pat Buchanan did nicely there.  McCain upset Dubya.  It doesn't look like it's really in the bag for anybody.  

    South Carolina would be next.  It went for Newt Gingrich this last cycle, so I figure that primary is going to the craziest and least competent candidate in the 2016 field.  Rand Paul would certainly meet those criteria.  

    Then Florida.  Is Jeb Bush in the 2016 mix?  He could delay his announcement and compete in Florida as his first primary election.  It's risky for him to try in Iowa and New Hampshire.  And he has little chance in South Carolina.

    The 2016 GOP nomination race, at the moment anyway, looks like one grand hell of a mess.

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