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  •  They are in the medium that (7+ / 0-)

    the breeder sent them in.  They are in tall 2" plastic pots.  The medium isn't very soil/ is mostly bark. They have not bloomed yet.  They have varying leaf length probably due to their various parentage but they seem to have reached adult size.  The leaf length varies from 4 inches to 6/7 inches depending on the plant, they are all thick fleshy leaves.  They have put on many new healthy leaves since they arrived, one plant seems to have lost its leaf closest to the medium to old age and a second seems to be beginning that process.  I did cut the dying leaf off of the first one when I was certain it was going, to discourage molds and fungi from finding a vector in.

    I have not seen their roots as of yet.  Well, I did see one because the poodle knocked it over and it needed a bit of repotting.  I am pretty clueless yet as to what to look for rootwise.

    I have two that have the mottled leaf type, the other four are solid green.  Thank you for the leaf color tip.  I would like to encourage them to bloom next winter perhaps, if we stay on this firm road we have been on so far.

    In most photos that I have seen of paphs in bloom, they all seem to be in the tall 2" pot.  Jayden's looks like it is a larger pot, but also sounds like it is an older orchid too.

    •  I always found... (3+ / 0-)
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      paphs to be the hardest for me to grow... because I can only grow indoors and definitely not outdoors.  Even with established plants, I wouldn't put them out in the summer... many of those that I grew did not like the warm temps.  

      It sounds like yours really are growing beautifully.

      I always grew mine is a mixture of small to fine bark, plus osmunda fern chopped up and just a tad sphagnum chopped up.  So it's airy, but not too heavy on the roots.

      So when you are instructed to "repot" do you just add more medium to the top ??  Or are you taking out and putting in entire new medium?  (is that what the instructions state??)

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      •  They want the whole thing taken out (2+ / 0-)
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        And new medium put in.  Says that it will spur growth and development of the plant.  I ordered a slightly larger pot for each of them but it is basket style.  Do you think that will be too much air access to their roots?

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