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  •  Good morning! Light on the roof looks nice. (8+ / 0-)

    I continue to be impressed by the accurate perspective and proportions. Buildings I paint always seem to look like they've been through an earthquake.

    I've been working on a painting from a photo I took on slide film at least 18 years ago. It was a day-trip with the kids on a very hot summer day, and I wanted to capture the receding railroad, telephone poles and road in the haze. As a bonus I got a typical pick-up truck heading down the road. It's a fond memory because we had a great time with the kids who are now all grown, and the old phone poles with their antique glass insulators are long gone.
    Canisteo road photo

    I started by lightly toning a canvas panel with transparent red oxide paint thinned with Gamsol, and added a few suggestions of the major lines:
    Canisteo road

    Next I blocked in the large masses with their average color and value. At this stage I often have my doubts about whether the picture is going to work, but this looks fairly promising:
    Canisteo road 1

    Finally I added the railroad lines, some initial texture in the distant hillside trees, and the telephone poles. It's looking pretty good so far, though I'll need to refine the road profile a bit before starting on the tree textures and details. I can hardly wait to get to that pick-up truck which is the obvious focal point.
    Canisteo road 2

    •  That is a beautiful photo! (1+ / 0-)
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      You've got a great start so far.  Those telephone poles would make me crazy but you've got them all captured well.  I'm looing forward to the end result!

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