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  •  In our state, Indiana, as we went into the (4+ / 0-)
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    2012 election cycle, our rural county had its first campaign office since I have been involved as a volunteer.  The office was donated to a Democratic state house of representatives candidate.  As OFA in our rural county I asked if we could work out of one of the inner offices.  For the last two elections our cars, our houses and the Burger King were all we had.  The candidate finally allowed us to work there incognito, no signage for Obama, etc.  I  might add that there were more Dem candidates from our rural county running but they were on their own because they weren't "targeted" campaigns.

    The campaign staffer hired by the D. party told me that they were trained specifically to have nothing to do with the Obama campaign.  He did however ask and received the help of the OFA volunteers for their campaign when we could.

    At our local county fair candidates walk in a small parade and pass out literature.  Our Dem US rep candidate told me as I was standing and waiting to help pass out lit for him (no Obama buttons on my clothing, etc.) when I had his ear and told him maybe our little group of Obama volunteers could do something to help, that he didn't want to be associated with the President during his campaign.  I understood the tack the Dems were taking in our state, distance themselves from the President, and understood not to mingle campaigns (OFA trains one well).  However the idea that he was ashamed of the President turned me off so badly that I decided not to walk in the parade and did not again offer any help to that candidate.

    Just saying.

    •  Many Dems in Red states would have lost (0+ / 0-)

      if they were connected to Obama in the voters' minds.

      Doesn't mean we wouldn't rather have them in the House than their Republican opponents.  

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