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View Diary: Nate Silver's data sourcing leaves me speechless (121 comments)

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    ....with facts. And, if you do that, please differentiate between my commentary regarding the commentary of others, far more knowledgeable than I'll ever be, and my own sentiments.

    Almost 100% of the criticism of my posts within this community--not all but almost all--have been related to detractors deliberately conflating the commentary of others, such as Stiglitz, Krugman and the Naked Capitalism blog, with that of my own.

    Another would be the recession, in general. Stiglitz is cited 124 of my posts; Krugman in 165 of them; and, Naked Capitalism in 233 posts. (Here's a good example of what the Columbia Journalism Review has said about Yves Smith's reporting: "Biggest Scandal In US History." CJR: "Blogs Beat The Press." From day one she's been consistently recognized as being out in front of the MSM on reality-based reporting about this.)

    Perhaps--taking a reality-based approach to this--what's one of the more interesting things about my work, in general, is the abuse that the thoughts of folks like Stiglitz, Krugman and Smith have received in both the comments in my posts, and within the writings of others within this community.

    All three, Stiglitz, Krugman and Smith, have made many, decidedly-"dramatic" comments about our country's economic policies. I've reported on that, a lot.

    A very good example of this often-deliberate conflation would be my reports about the ongoing insolvency of our nation's too-big-to-fail banks, with the bulk of that commentary/focus being on Citi and BofA. And, here are a couple of reports from just the past few days on that: from the Fiscal Times, and Reuters.

    All three have focused, (quite extensively) at various times, on the potential for a double-dip recession, as well.

    So, please, tell me -- citing specifics -- how far-off, generally speaking, the commentary of Stiglitz, Krugman, and Smith has been. Because, most of the time, you'll see, upon further review, that my own posts frequently related to their thoughts (not my own). (In fact, there's another economy-focused blog that has spent a great deal of time grossly distorting this greater truth about my own work, as well. And, in fact, that "other blog," in the past, has been very closely associated with Nate Silver, too! Funny how that works! Yes, the corporatocratic memes run deeper in the blogosphere than those of the progressive left. But, we're all entitled to our own opinions. We're NOT entitled to our own facts.)

    Otherwise, all you have here are ad homs and related statements that are NOT supported by facts, in general, that far too many in this community readily "accept" as facts. Then again, there are far too many in this community that have gone out of their way to "trumpet" grossly-distorted memes regarding the realities of our economy over the past five years, too.

    "I always thought if you worked hard enough and tried hard enough, things would work out. I was wrong." --Katharine Graham

    by bobswern on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 08:57:21 AM PST

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