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  •  materials allowance already exceeds $3k (14+ / 0-)

    plus I just found out that he is going out of business and has not renewed his HIC license.

    Some of the previous owners have put in a lot of time and money into the house.  They re hand dug the foundation to install concrete supports so the roof line doesn't have a swayback like many Capes of this age.

    The structural integrity is rock solid - no creaking or vibration transits the house by activity in another room.

    But I am foaming at the mouth over the door almost more than any other issue.  I'm having a local woodworker/licensed carpenter coming out to inspect it next week.

    Also, just to add insult to injury.  Their painters painted most of the original 24 pane windows shut.  I'm afraid freeing them will incur damage.

    Right now, I'm documenting every aspect of this horrorshow detailing both damage and deviation from the contract for the Consumer Protection Agency/State licensing board.

    Final note, work was supposed to be completed by mid-September, but due to family members various serious illnesses including surgeries, had not been able to focus and pursue the matter until the start of December.

    I see a very beautiful planet that seems very inviting and peaceful. Unfortunately, it is not.…We're better than this. We must do better. Cmdr Scott Kelley

    by wretchedhive on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 07:49:54 AM PST

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