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  •  A book for you (10+ / 0-)

    Lauren Springer's "The Undaunted Garden; Planting for Weather-Resilient Beauty" 2011 --she is in Colorado. The book doesn't give layouts per se but there are lots of pictures of gardens and she talks about groupings as well as individual plants.

    Her book "Passionate Gardening" from 2000 might be even more what you're looking for but I can't find my copy...I may have loaned it to someone. I'll bet your library would have both of these!

    A good source for plants in your climate is High Country Gardens. They used to have "pre-planned gardens" you could buy as a set but right now I don't see these on their website. Typically these types of perennials are planted in fall, so maybe that's why.

    Anyway, a few years ago I bought several of their pre-planned sets and put them all along the south side of my new garden building. We're in Nebraska, so not high altitude but the site is hot, dry, windy and the soil is not great there. Yet the plants have all flourished beautifully and are still going strong with little maintenance. I was very happy with my purchases, though it was more money than I usually spend on garden stuff.

    I love it that Obama's channeling Harry Truman: "I don't give 'em hell; I just tell the truth and they think it's hell!"

    by sillia on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 09:12:35 AM PST

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