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    I've been working for years to build the soil and xeroscape our 3/4 acre of northern CA.  While I have lots of non-native species still growing in the yard, I haven't had to proactively bring much into my yard -- I have more volunteers than I can shake a stick at.

    While I'm guessing many of the species are not native, I'm not after eradicating "aliens".  I practice more "subtractive" gardening.  If you have pointy bits that snag on me or scratch my family, you're gone.  If you don't play nice with your fellow plants (i.e. typical landscape species that attempt to maintain mono-culture, like ground cover vines), you're gone.  Some of the grasses get a pass despite having stick-um style seeds since they're doing great work toward building habitat and preventing erosion.

    While some of the species that are vectored in (by animals, the wind, etc.) are noxious weeds (according to my rules), I find that the natural mix that results works pretty well to exclude newcomers once the area greens up.

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    by Jim Tietz on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 06:38:28 AM PST

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