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View Diary: More on the House GOP's new debt limit ransom demand, and by ransom demand I mean complete surrender (93 comments)

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    “This is a gimmick unworthy of the challenges we face and the national debate we should be having. The message from the American people is clear: no games, no default.”
    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spokesman, Drew Hammill
    "We are going to pursue strategies that will obligate the Senate to finally join the House in confronting the government's spending problem."
    Speaker John Boehner
    “I stand in strong support of the agreement reached by my colleagues today. Since taking the majority, House Republicans have done their job. We've passed a budget that promotes economic growth and gets spending under control. But for nearly four years, Senate Democrats have refused to pass a budget. Today’s agreement will hold the Senate accountable for this legal and moral failure."
    House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan
    “The House Republican plan fails to give American families, small businesses, and economic markets the certainty needed to boost economic growth. This is also a thinly veiled attempt to gain political leverage at the expense of the economy. It will merely reinforce the idea that Washington cannot act responsibly when it comes to our financial obligations.”
    House Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen
    "The President has made clear that Congress has only two options: pay the bills they have racked up, or fail to do so and put our nation into default.  We are encouraged that there are signs that Congressional Republicans may back off their insistence on holding our economy hostage to extract drastic cuts in Medicare, education and programs middle class families depend on. Congress must pay its bills and pass a clean debt limit increase without further delay. And as he has said, the President remains committed to further reducing the deficit in a balanced way."
    President Obama Spokesman Jay Carney

    The New York Times offered a glimpse into the meetings at the Republican retreat earlier in the week where leadership sold its new strategy to the party regulars.

    “Mr. Ryan stood to talk over the options he had developed with the House conservative leaders. They could do a longer-term debt ceiling extension with specific demands, like converting Medicare into a voucherlike program. Or they could lower expectations, reorder the budget hurdles with a three-month punt, and add the “no budget, no pay” provision."

    "Democracy is a life; and involves continual struggle." ---'Fighting Bob' LaFollette

    by leftreborn on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 10:00:38 AM PST

    •  So, there is no deal after all? (1+ / 0-)
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      Capt Crunch

      This was mostly just a PR move by the GOP to take a hostage (the debt ceiling) while seeming to take a different hostage (the budget)?

      SNOOPYDANCE.GIF, everybody!

      it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses

      by Addison on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 10:08:04 AM PST

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      •  Well - I like Jed Lewison's diaries and I don't (1+ / 0-)
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        want to contradict him.  I think he's taking the more hopeful tone that Jay Carney did.  Wait and see.  I wrote a diary about this topic yesterday and I used a different tone.

        Do you remember seeing video of a Grover Norquist interview a month ago during the fiscal cliff hysteria?  He talked about dribbling out the debt limit to President Obama three months at a time, or a month at a time, if he's good, otherwise they could do two weeks at a time.  It got widespread airtime on all the popular media.  This is that plan.  

        "Democracy is a life; and involves continual struggle." ---'Fighting Bob' LaFollette

        by leftreborn on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 10:37:08 AM PST

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