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    The manual describes how DHS will develop "situational awareness" in emergencies.  This is something FEMA has done for years in emergencies...monitoring news sources to learn of inadequacies in the emergency response, to identify previously unreported problems and to determine if the public is receiving information that is accurate, timely and adequate. (I am aware of this because previously I participated in emergency activities with FEMA and other government agencies.)  In the past, government officials monitored newspapers and radio and television broadcasts.  But, today, most people receive information via the Internet, from blogs, Facebook, and other social media, as well as commercial news sources. DHS would be negligent in its responsibilities if it did not update its monitoring capabilities to reflect how people actually receive information.

    That said, there IS a potential for abusing that capability, although the manual clearly prohibits the use of personally identifiable information or PII (names, addresses) except in limited circumstances (such as news media sources).  That requires independent oversight, such as Congressional oversight.

    Only if I hear about documented abuses in this DHS program will I worry about it.

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