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    A comprehensive Assault Weapons Ban, handgun ban, and "automatic weapons" (semi-auto is EXACTLY the same) ban, along with any and all ammunition designed to defeat a "bulletproof" vest, and/or expand to damage the most amount of flesh will do exactly the following:

    1) Ban the guns and ammunition.  Good people do bad things when in the proximity of these objects.
    2) End rape, robbery, child and spousal abuse.  See item 1.
    3) Let me sleep at night, knowing I'm safe.
    4) Really DO something for not against the mentally ill and unstable.
    5) Remove the root cause of poverty.  People are buying guns, not feeding their children.
    6) Eliminate hatred and racism.  No gun, not so willing to fly hot in someone's face, over "your turf", loud rap music, or wearing a hoodie.  
    No gun = No balls.  
    You'll keep your cracker mouth shut, mind your own damn business, and like it.
    7) Keep children in school.  No guns, no fear of being bullied.  No guns, no street enterprises competing with school for your attention.
    8) Shut-down the school-to-prison-or-grave pipeline.  The majority of young men of color sent to prison or a grave are charged with a gun-related crime.  Assault, possession of a unlicensed gun, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, murder or attempted murder.
    No guns = no crime.  No crime = no deaths.  

    WTF people will do for jobs, health care, a place to live, a living wage, and violence within the home or school?

    THAT'S NOT THE FUCKING ISSUE.  Banning the guns and ammunition IS.

    THAT is FINITE.  
    I KNOW my fears, and their name is GUN.
    Life is good, life is simple, and if none of it works out the way I planned?  
    Big fucking deal.

    I managed to give the teaparty, freepers, birthers, GOP, and NRA a solid fuck-you-in-the-neck.

    And, at least we banned the guns.

    How we get them out of the hands of these gun-owning mutherfuckers?  Simple.
    Can't use the military without declaring Martial Law, but we CAN use the National Guard, DHS, and the USA PATRIOT Act.

    Warrantless searches, indefinite detentions, gun courts.
    Nothing says we care, like a Blackhawk overhead, and a thousand National Guardsmen going door-to-door with metal detectors, M4 Carbines, and Armored Tracks.

    Gonna make your stand against the Gubmint?  15 seconds of rounds fired from the Bushmaster mounted on the M2 Bradley should swiss-cheese your fort house.
    Run out the back?  The door gunner on the Blackhawk will cease that shit too.  That's if the MaDeuce mounted on the HMMWV doesn't get you first.

    Done playing.  
    Time for the killing to end, or at least change focus from school children, and young persons of color, to the age/race/and hobby-appropriate demographic.

    If you don't like it?  Go back to REDSTATE, and bring them the news:  WE ARE COMING FOR ALL THE GUNS.


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