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  •  MadRuth, the hammer drives a wedge into the door (4+ / 0-)

    preventing opening from inside or out.  It's a five second thing.
    Keys won't work, you have to destroy the door, or breach the adjacent wall.
    It was a technique I learned from the Columbians, when the NY cocaine wars were raging.  You could scream, cry, plead for your life; while your neighbors, associates, family and police were powerless to come to your aid.

    Machetes don't require reloading, nor do they jam.
    Thousands AK-47s were available in Rwanda, and yet the majority of deaths, terrorism by amputation, rape at pain-of-dismemberment was at machete-point.

    All of these were tools and techniques of terrorism, and Adam Lanza sought to terrorize Newtown, CT in the most profane method possible.  Not at all unlike the Rwandan genocide, not at all unlike the Columbian hitmen.  Target the children, and make them really suffer.

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