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View Diary: Daily Beast publishes vaccine nutter op-ed and puts kids at risk (195 comments)

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  •  Letter I sent to editors (20+ / 0-)

    FYI, this is a letter I sent to the editors; let's all send some in! It's way past time that "legitimate" news organizations started actually, you know, being legitimate news organizations.

    You can reach them at:


    Subj: Astoundingly poor judgement publishing Deirdre Imus

    Dear Editors,

    The issue of flu vaccines is not in debate except by the medically-ignorant. It's disappointing to me that you'd give a platform to a person with no medical credentials whatsoever and rather dangerous ideas that can -- and probably will -- cause injury to others.

    Having a counter-article by someone else is not sufficient. What if people don't read it? I note, for example, that "Flu Shots Are Damn Dangerous" is in your "most popular" list, but the counter-article isn't.

    Instead of being sidewalk carnies exhorting the passers-by to step inside the tent and see the chicken-headed woman, how about actually exercising some journalistic integrity? How about evaluating contradictory statements and writing about the actual facts?

    I know that being a carny is more entertaining, takes less effort, and gets the eyeballs into the tent.... but you're also destroying any reason for someone to read your rag in the hope of finding some curated, credible information.

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