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View Diary: Daily Beast publishes vaccine nutter op-ed and puts kids at risk (195 comments)

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  •  I'm so tired of this shit. (5+ / 0-)

    Conversation with friend-of-a-friend at dinner about two weeks ago.  He'd already made a comment or two to the effect of believing the flu shot was useless.

    Me: Oh, the flu that year was horrible.  Sickest I've felt in my life, I think.
    Him, with a smug look: And did you get a flu shot?
    Me: No.  But our son did, and he didn't get sick.

    I tried not to glare at him, but I'm not sure I succeeded.

    All that said, about the overselling -- that's a real problem.  You have to be honest with people.  If they think they're getting something that's 100% effective or very close to that, then get the flu along with a couple other people they know who also were vaccinated, what do you think that does for confidence levels?

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