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  •  not to quibble too much but much of what (5+ / 0-)

    is accepted as Gospel about the Roman Empire is probably inaccurate at best since the Church was in charge of the West's history following the fall of Constantinople.
    Granted there were persecutions of Christians by emperors such as Diocletian and Nero but, to be fair, emperors such as Nero and Caligula were very bloody so that even senators and Rome's elites were not safe.  These reigns were relatively brief and their enemies wrote their epigraphs.

    I think it was Gibbons who estimated perhaps 5000 Christians died in the Coliseum at a time when Christians were seen by the Powers that Be as cannibals and threats to the state.  It is often overlooked that Jews were as persecuted as Christians if not more persecuted

    When Constantine made Christianity the state religion pagans found themselves actively persecuted and many Christian churches were built on the foundations of pagan temples pulled down in that period.  The final irony is that the Games, so iconically beloved by Hollywood for showing Roman persecution of Christians  continued well into the Christian era of the Roman empire, instead of being a monument to the martyrs who perished there.

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