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  •  But that's where the people are from, not here... (0+ / 0-)

    Your point is taken...I shouldn't blame the people categorically based on where they are from, or the SUVs they drive, as the few--that's very few, relatively, "locals" can be bad players in the woods, too.

    All are welcome if they come and go low impact, and don't poison the forest while they are here.

    My point being, based on the car tags and masses that I dodge speeding on the roads or cluttering the forest during these commercial mega-events, are from the urban areas. The population of the five counties here in North Georgia that touches on Springer Mountain doesn't match the population of one corporate city limit's population in the Metro Atlanta suburbs, where many of these barnstorming forest visitors come from.

    The locals with their mudbogging 4WDs and ATVs and horses off trail need to be held to account, too. But there aren't too many of them and they don't have the incomes to support all this woods travel, compared to the impact of say, one Jeep club caravan from Atlanta.

    And the locals sure aren't the ones bringing these toxic pesticides into the forest to save this or that newly designated plant that's been declared an unwanted invasive immigrant. We know the forest is where our water comes from, as it does for Metro Atlanta.

    If Interior keeps the path of commercial development like REI partners with (I'm a member since '77) and we get more projects like dynamite to fell trees in WILDERNESS areas and more chemicals to groom the forest like a golf course, we won't have a natural forest. Don't treat the forest like a golf course.

    (I've been in the woods for five decades and my family roots go back for generations here, so I know what's changed. More non-locals. ATVs, 4WDs, and big horse trailers are the worst of it.

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