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  •  What part of "ELITE" is unclear (0+ / 0-)

    This IS their world ... and with good luck and skillful political organization, they may be persuaded to allow the rest of us to find a place in it -- if we can.

    Let's remember that Sally Jewell began her career as a Mobile oilfield engineer ... moved to banking ... and that REI occupied a place in her life not unlike that of the Knickerbocker Boat Club in Commodore Vanderbilt's -- that is "a hobby with benefits."

    Still ... it's a question of "what kind" of Elite do you want in control.  There's the Theodore Roosevelt/Henry Ford school of conservationist who wants to preserve Wilderness for future generations of those affluent enough, or intrepid enough to properly appreciate it ...

    Or there the Rockefeller/Carnegie model that would rather extract their  profits as quickly and completely as possible.

    The idea that President Obama concerns himself with TODAY's working and clerking classes is more than a little naive.  Like Romney, he is "hired help" for people who own the real wealth and exercise the real power.

    Fortunately, this President has a more diversified portfolio of sponsors than the last one did.  Where #42 based his support primarily in the Extraction Industries ... President Obama has solid ties to Banking, Finance,  Transportation and Defense ...  and oh yeah ..;. a veritable army of chavvy urchins who think he cares about them.

    And so he does ...  on "social issues".  Marriage Equality, for example is wildly popular with younger voters and the Democratic Base, in particular.  It costs the General Fund almost nothing and keeps the Religious Political Right in an entertaining and counterproductive dither.  Likewise Women's Reproductive Health issues.

    In return we must accept that in economy in which 2% inflation is the goal of monetary policy ... Banks can borrow from the Fed, (and their depositor/customers) at almost no interest ... and charge anywhere from 5 to 30% interest on their loans.

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