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    dewley notid

    pretty much guarantee you the horses and ATVs aren't coming out of the cities. Neither are the RVs or most of the SUVs.

    As general guidelines:

    - If it's too big or too dirty to store in a walk-in closet, and it can't be safely and legally parked in an underground garage or a cramped curbside parking spot on a narrow road with limited permit-only parking, it almost certainly didn't come out of a city.

    - If it's too big or too unsightly to keep in a small basement or garage, and it can't be safely, legally, and attractively parked in a one-car garage or a curbside spot on a narrow road, it almost certainly didn't come out of an inner suburb.

    The people with the horses and the RVs and the ATVs are coming, at a minimum, from the outer suburbs. Some of the SUVs may come from the inner suburbs and possibly outer cities. Urbanites live in high-density housing; we don't have anywhere to put any of that crap.

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    by kyril on Tue Feb 12, 2013 at 03:20:15 AM PST

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      Know quite a few city dwellers who keep their horses some where other than where they live. Suburbanites, too. Even quite a few rural people.

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