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    (you knew that was coming) we do make distinctions - judgments - based on reasonable assignation of responsibility for certain crimes. Even if we don't totally grok the perp's reasoning, we do assign punishments for violation a whole lot more than we turn criminals loose again because they're so mentally fucked they can't be held responsible. ...and there's no where to put the mentally deranged anymore.

    We're a bit schizophrenic about that too, as a jury pool/society. If people really aren't mentally/spiritually responsible for their choices, then we've no business sentencing them to 'punishment' for breaking the arbitrary rules our erstwhile leadership has codified. If they are to be held responsible - as if they enjoyed a facility we call "Free Will" - then the "I snapped" defense is highly suspect. Needs something more in evidence than just the heinousness of the crime.

    Which way we choose to go as a nation on these sort of questions will determine whether or not we can tame the unacceptable level of violence endemic in our society.

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