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  •  It depends on how you envision your life (12+ / 0-)

    What do you want to DO with spare time for the rest of your life?

    What do you want to THINK about in your spare time for the rest of your life?

    How many hobbies do you want to explore or engage in?  Are any of them group hobbies?  Theatre, and the like; doesn't have to be on stage acting, singing, dancing, but could be sewing costumes, making sets, producing or directing (I've done community theatre in two different areas and also one summer stock experience).  Are any of the things that sound interesting solitary hobbies?  Reading, sewing (clothing, quilting, costumes, doll clothes, baby clothes, hand-sewn embroidery, decorative things by machine; knitting or crocheting might fall under this category, too), ceramics/pottery, writing, gardening, cooking (advanced baking, cake decorating, gourmet meals), genealogy research, and the like.  There are classes or clubs for some of those, but the activities are still sort of solitary.

    I used to be plagued with insomnia from a very early age, so to while away the hours I read.  History, mostly, and when the topics became too onerous, I turned to historical fiction about those same eras for light reading (some authors are very good at blending fact with fiction).  In my old age I've ended up with the largest private library of anyone I know.

    I do genealogy research (have done so for 50 years off and on, and constantly, every week, since getting my first PC in fall '01) and have people who live literally around the world I may turn to for advice or help or translating or assistance with research, so while I do a lot of research alone, I also have a network of hundreds of people to turn to when I need help (three countries have their records online, two are free thanks to the taxpayers, and I can understand some of their languages - US data is all over the place, if it is online).  Now that I have quite a lot of experience doing research, I am also able to help others sometimes, and that's fun, too.

    If you want to do some advanced education, maybe there's a college in your area with adult education classes.  The local junior college where I live has limited courses for various things from computer classes to dance classes.  People with lots of experience, not necessarily college-educated, teach these classes.  Where I went to college as a non-traditional student there was also a segment for part of the year when senior citizens came to campus and attended daily classes for a few weeks; the program was called 'Elderhostel.'  They covered many subjects: philosophy, history, literature, archaeology, etc.

    First, take a personal inventory, find out what your interests are.  Then go online or search your local phone book.  If you have more than one interest, do all of them by turns.

    Good luck.

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 10:43:40 AM PST

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