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  •  I had a 72 Mustang (0+ / 0-)

    Black & gold, with air. I wasn't the original owner (it had been repo'd) but I remember my price tag -- $2500. Even working weekends as a high school student, I could make the payments.

    However, there's a additional cost that every 70's car I owned -- every car my family and friends owned -- demonstrated regularly: repairs. Sure, a lot more things went wrong that I knew how to repair (I could replace a fan belt or radiator hose in ten minutes flat) but the number of fuel pumps, tie rods, etc. that went into those cars was just amazing.

    In contrast, I can't tell you the last time I had a car in for repair.

    •  dunno I could rebuild a 350 without too much (0+ / 0-)

      trouble and if push came to shove could pick up a used one for $250 at the local boneyard.  Last engine I priced five years or so ago was $5500 and you need special instruments to tune your car and such so that shadetree mechanics are more or less a thing of the past

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