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  •  Pls sign petition to fire Aaron prosecutor (2+ / 0-)
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    Lady Libertine, riesling

    Petition to fire Assistant US Attorney Steve Heymann

    To sign a petition, sign up with an email address.  The White House sends a note confirming the address. Click and sign the petition. It is that easy.

    Heymann does not deserve to stay another day in public office because he hounded Aaron Swartz to his death.

    The full text is as follows:

    Fire Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Heymann's overzealous prosecution of an allegedly minor and non-violent electronic crime led to the suicide of Aaron Swartz. President Obama recently said, as repeated by Vice President Biden, "if our actions result in saving only one life, they're worth taking." We should not destroy the lives of human beings for crimes against computer systems that harm no one and provide no benefit to the perpetrator. Such actions should be treated as forms of protest and civil disobedience. To prosecute these actions the same as rapes and murders is a savage abuse of the criminal justice system which continues to destroy the lives of peaceful, productive members of society.

    Fire Attorney Steve Heymann before his reckless prosecutions claim any more lives.

    Of course, if you haven't yet signed the petition to fire Heymann's boss, please do. Petition to fire US Attorney Carmen Ortiz who did nothing to rein in the over-reaching Heymann and even defended him in a cowardly press release a week after Aaron died.

    The petition to fire Heymann needs more signatures to elicit a White House response. The Ortiz petition has exceeded the 25,000 signers needed and is up around 45,000. They Heymann petition is around 14,00 and needs another 11,000 before the White House will respond.

    If you look at the count on all of the petitions at, these two are the most popular.

    Help win justice for Aaron Swartz. He didn't deserve being hounded to death. He was the best and brightest his generation had to offer. He was a man "of the commons." Aaron Swartz lived and breathed to fight for open access to information.

    Sign the petitions.

    •  Please Sign Heymann Petition (1+ / 0-)
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      Heymann is the guy who was actually on the phone with Swartz's lawyers and insisting on a guilty plea to all of his trumped-up charges (felony conviction) with jail time.

      The petition to fire Stephen Heymann HAS 9,575 signatures and NEEDS 15,425 more by February 11, 2013 in order to get a White House response.

      PLEASE sign this petition and spread the word!!!

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