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    The summer after we were married, my wife and I attended the massive wedding of one of her high school friends.  I don't know how it was communicated but it was understood that the music would include ballroom dancing style toons.  This was a "society" wedding and the Greatest Generation outnumbered the Baby Boom.

    The problem was that my wife did not know how to dance that way, so I taught her.

    At the reception, the bride and groom had their "first dance," a waltz.  After an adequate amount of time out there alone, the Master of Ceremonies invited guests to join them.  My wife and I were the first out there and I quietly whispered in her ear, "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3..."  When we were close enough to hear, we found out that the groom was doing the same thing for his bride!

    I won my mother-in-law over, at least that day, when I danced a foxtrot and cha-cha with her.  It gave her bragging rights with her friends for rest of the evening.

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    by algebrateacher on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 11:31:37 AM PST

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      at weddings (about the only place there is to dance anymore) because we can swing dance.  I can talk him into a cha cha and mambo sometimes.  Poor thing hates to fox trot.  I'm from Detroit and he's from Buffalo so we can polka (and bowl).  And since we can polka, we can waltz, not great but we can do it. When he finally stops traveling for work, I'm signing up for ballroom just so we can dance together.

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