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  •  Then you put other people in danger (0+ / 0-)

    You are just shifting the danger to another group of people.

    In this country we have susistance hunters living in remote villages in Alaska who depend on their guns for food. Their incomes average $8000 a year. They are subject to our laws as well.

    I live on a arm of 80 acres with three sides boardered by National forest and park. I get cougars they come down out of the mountains on occasion looking for food. So when one comes stalking my cow or heaven forbid my grand child I am to what? Get a stick and whack it in the head and get mauled to death?

    I am sorry the toughtlessness of group1 always irritates me it is like we who actually have a purpose for our guns are disposable.

    I am in group two but the more I hear of group 1 the more I am thinking I like group three.

    It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is not what he has -Henry Ward Beecher

    by PSWaterspirit on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 08:11:52 PM PST

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    •  I'm in group 1 (1+ / 0-)
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      And I'm not thoughtless.

      I simply think that the number of deaths due to firearms (all, not just the massacres of children) outweigh any positive benefit to society.

      And I'm not unreasonable. Strict licensing for people such as yourself, including mandatory training, strict restrictions on the types of fire arms allowed and strict limits on the amount of ammunition allowed to be purchased and kept, and mandatory reporting of lost or stolen arms with liability otherwise attached could be a workable system.

      And I'm genuinely curious: what sort of guns and how much ammo do you feel is necessary for hunters or farmers?

      IOW, are you willing to be considerate of the rights of the general public to live in reasonable safety accepting some limits?

      Or is it "thoughtless" to suggest any restrictions?

      What about my Daughter's future?

      by koNko on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 04:13:33 AM PST

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