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  •  Yup. (4+ / 0-)
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    Limelite, Avilyn, quarkstomper, Youffraita
    There is a case to be made that sf is merely a subset of fantasy.
    Unquestionably.  And Bilbo and Frodo are great fantasy.  But there is such a surfeit of swords and wizards and princesses out there that if you are tired of all that (I suppose I feel like my intelligence is being insulted, I suppose, so there's that subjective matter) then all the swords and sorcery out there seems to be its own rather stultified subset living in the shadow of Tolkien.  

    There are so many crap movies out there and repetitious computer/platform games with big-boobed bimbos wielding swords that if the story is good, it has to OVERCOME that burden to not become junk!

    I think you can probably include most horror in the fantasy genre, as well.  Sometimes the line becomes very blurry, as with King's Talisman.  The flood of teen vampire romance novels should fall into the fantasy category.  Indeed, many of them also include swords and wizards and artifacts of doom, etc., so that line becomes blurred.  That's sad, because Anne Rice really did such a nice job reviving the whole genre back in the late 70s, it's sad to see how the junk takes over and ruins the rest.  

    (I grew up on vampire films.  My Jungian mom that I've mentioned before had a thing for those cheesy European vampire and horror flicks when I was a wee lad and I used to stay up late at night past any normal child's bedtime watching those with her on late night chiller TV shows while she and her friends drank margaritas and analyzed the symbols.)

    •  Now see, (3+ / 0-)
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      quarkstomper, Youffraita, Dumbo

      For me, seeing that a book has anything to do with vampires or werewolves is an instant put-off, and 99% of the time I won't pick that book up.  I don't mind an element of mystery, but I'm not a huge fan of horror.

      Video games are a whole 'nother discussion; lots of stuff to talk (rant) about there. ;-)

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      by Avilyn on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 11:54:37 AM PST

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    •  Oh, Dumbo. I really can't (2+ / 0-)
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      quarkstomper, Dumbo

      speak about horror as a genre.  It is definitely a subset of fantasy, of course it is.

      But I can't go there.

      I grew up with sf and fantasy where the world was very well-defined.

      Horror, as it has come to be known through movies in the U.S. is all about the monster that lurked underground for 200 years (with no food) until the teenagers went into the basement and were eaten by it.

      Yes, a vast oversimplification on my part: but that's basically the paradigm for horror movies since sometime in the 1970s.

      I don't consider them worth watching unless you pay me at least a hundred bucks per film.  Ain't gonna watch 'em for free, and sure as shit ain't gonna pay my hard-earned bucks to see trash like that.

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      by Youffraita on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 03:30:33 PM PST

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