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  •  Our economic system (5+ / 0-)

    - which is, like it or not, more 'important' to our way of life than silly political Kabuki theatre - requires a population that can be led to spend hard-earned money on junk and garbage they don't need. Because this is so, and because so much of our popular culture exists to sell junk and garbage to people who don't need it, our educational system has also been shaped to reinforce public susceptibility to advertising and political propaganda. This is why you'd be hard-pressed to find any courses in critical thinking and media awareness (resistance to propaganda) in any public school in this country. Hell, even most colleges don't offer such courses.

    Our current socio-political reality is one in which the economic system has utterly failed due to unbridled greed, and it isn't scheduled to ever go back to the way things were. The public's ability to pay for necessities (food, clothing, shelter, transportation) has suffered so much damage that half or more of the people can no longer afford things they don't need. So the markets (and the jobs) have gone to developing countries in the early stages of their own economic forms of consumerism instead.

    We - quickly aging Baby Boomers and all of the chronically unemployed /underemployed - are excess mouths to feed, we must die off or be killed off. Preferably BEFORE we demand repayment of the money we put aside all our lives into the retirement and end stage of life medical care portions of our one-time social contract. This is why Medicare and Social Security are being so gravely threatened on both sides of the Kabuki aisle - the greedheads long ago cleared out those accounts to pay for tax cuts on their ill-gotten gains, they've no intention of paying us back.

    The people's inability to support the economic house of cards anymore keeps the failed economy in failure mode - the economy is never going to recover its previous robustness because the thieves don't ever plan to pay back what they've stolen, and their pet Kabuki actors will not be allowed to force a payback by taxing the hell out of those ill-gotten gains. Instead, OUR taxes and costs go up, not theirs.

    Thus it is helpful to the Powers That Be that the public is still so gullible that it can be sold a socio-political fraud like 'austerity' so what little the people have left can be stolen as well.

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