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  •  I didn't say they're the same. (0+ / 0-)

    I said they differ vastly in rhetoric and the 'vision' they're selling [to the people in exchange for the people's votes]. But that in the end, they are all functionaries for the ruling elite. Obama's the one pushing cat food, you know. The other guys would just as soon let us starve en masse, and keep us from any health care at all to ensure we die sooner rather than later. I'm quite sure cat food is preferable to nothing, but a bag of Meow Mix for the week doesn't resemble a healthy human diet in anybody's book. [Aside: Who wants to bet it'll be Purina that gets the gub'ment contract for Soylent Green?]

    Do not be fooled by appearances, rhetoric or any grand 'vision' they're peddling. Or by the sleight of mind distractions that perpetually keep us fighting amongst ourselves for bare crumbs so we won't notice the wasteful gluttony of their war-feast. The people have spoken, loudly, with the only voice we've got: our votes. We might as well be mute for all the attention the Kabuki players will pay to us before the next time they want our votes.

    We prefer the Dem's kinder, gentler austerity to the Puke's mean-spirited "let them starve" attitude. It's austerity either way, as it was designed to be when the time came for the Boomer generation to retire (despite the 'extra' couple of trillion dollars Boomers have put aside into the mal-named "SS Trust Fund" to cover the cost of the demographic bulge Boomers present). Because there is no plan on either side of the aisle to make the rich repay what they've stolen, the young (and chronically, perhaps permanently un/ underemployed) simply don't have enough wealth to shift the burden down the line.

    We've been [tax] "farmed" during our productive lives to generate wealth our financial/governmental overlords could steal once they'd stolen everything else. Only land/homes and labor are worth anything of actual value in this world, hence "credit default swaps" on real estate so the land/homes could be stolen outright, along with a taxpayer bailout of the gamblers so they could cash out twice on the same properties. Double Indemnity! Plus a "jobless recovery" to the 21st century's Great Depression (scheduled to last another 20 years at least to facilitate global repositioning for the next Big Cash-Out).

    It's harvest time again, happens every generation or two when the Masters of the Universe cash out on the life's savings of the people. Last time it was the S&Ls, this time it's the banks and their Wall Street operatives. This is how our system has operated over the last century (at least), it can be no surprise that the biggest generation's retirement from the workforce would signal the biggest cash-out.

    Doesn't mean I'm not fully invested in the Democratic version of kinder, gentler austerity over the Puke's bottom-feeder creed of hatred and division (just shoot us). It only means I can see past the funny makeup, bad costuming and dumb plot line to get the gist of what's really going down.

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