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View Diary: February 14, 1991--When "domestic partnerships" were cutting-edge (18 comments)

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  •  Those we've lost are always with us (4+ / 0-)

    Which also means that the process of grieving isn't ever really complete. If you love someone no amount of time together is going to be enough, whether its a few months, a few years or a few decades.

    When it comes to families I've been quite lucky on both sides in each of my relationships. My ex, Bob, was effectively orphaned in his teens. His dad passed away and his mom disappeared for decades. He got on well with most of his siblings; in fact when I ended the relationship with him the hardest part was having to let go of his brothers and sisters. I didn't really meet most of Mario's family until the last couple of years we were together. That really was his doing rather than theirs. Some of it had to do with his addiction and some to do with his own personal issues. Once I got to meet his folks and the rest of the family we got on famously and were in touch for some time after he passed away. Trapper's family was a different experience; it took his folks a while to accept the fact that they had a gay son but once they did things were great. I had some apprehension about meeting them for the first time but we get along really well. And my family, when I finally came out to them at the tender age of 34, has never been anything but completely loving and supportive of me and of my relationships.

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