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View Diary: Morning Open Thread: Paris Peace Accords Ending The Vietnam War Signed 40 Years Ago Today (98 comments)

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  •  Reagan WAS active (0+ / 0-)

    he was paid by the gummint! he got up to be a captain!
    Just had one of the most cushiest jobs ever in the MOther of All Champagne Units
    he wasn't the only one like that, not by a long shot

    Wayne was old and had kids. He tried to enlist but they thought America was better with him doing what he was doing and America may not have been wrong.
    Don't think I'm a john Wayne fan, but fair is fair. He did USO tours and would get booed.

    Happy just to be alive

    by exlrrp on Sun Jan 27, 2013 at 07:53:19 AM PST

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    •  I would point out that others of a comparable (2+ / 0-)
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      JaxDem, BOHICA

      age and family situation did find a way to serve.  The interesting Hollywood fact is that the war gave a chance to a good many second and third tier actors and wannabes who might have never gotten a chance had the A list folks not gone off to war.  Some who did not serve were also watching their own professional backs as some of those who did serve never did see their careers rebound

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