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View Diary: Meet the Extraordinary Men Who Kept Me From Becoming a Racist (65 comments)

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  •  I was not raised by racists (5+ / 0-)

    However, being raised in a Christian cult just trades one set of biases for another.  I grew up with African Americans and latin people, but became biased against those that didn't share our beliefs.  In a way, my bigotry was socially acceptable.  That makes it harder to overcome in some ways.  I have sort of a class superiority mentality that I have tried to overcome.  For me it is judging people on perceived ignorance.  Over time this has mellowed as I learned to rebuild empathy and put myself in the shoes of others.  This has been a challenge specifically because I was raised to believe that I was part of some special group and that everyone else should listen to our wisdom.  Instead, I had to learn to listen even if I disagree.  Understanding brings insight which can destroy bigotry of all kinds.

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