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View Diary: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words speak to us for all time (51 comments)

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  •  $332K per enemy body seems cheap compared to now (0+ / 0-)

    If you figure that by the end of this war in Afghanistan we may spend an estimated $2 Trillion on revenge war on 'terror' (aka in my house as the war of the fraidy-cats) and so, if we round up the number of those killed in 9/01/2011 to about 3000 - our vengeance has cost us - let's see $2T/3K = $666,666,666.67 per American. And we let the effin firefighters & volunteers suffer the lungcrud post-cleanup? Couldn't we have just wrote somewhat smaller checks - made a bunch of millionaires out of the families, thus creating jobs per the Repugs and avoided the economic crash and pissing off the rest of the world in the process? And for cost-effectiveness per enemy body by drones - well they do have an advantage over sending the entire military overseas to 80 countries to irritate everybody. For this amount of money, they could have made multi-millionaires out of everybody in America for petesake! sheesh.

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