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View Diary: Rand Paul claims White House is covering up smuggling of guns to jihadists (15 comments)

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    We provided support for the Libyan rebels and now are providing support for the Syrian rebels. Probably some of that support consisted or helping them get weapons. Some in both of those groups will turn on us at the drop of a hat. When they do some of them will be armed with weapons that we helped them get. Duh.

    Obama and his people made the calculation that eliminating Gaddafi and Assad is worth the risk that whoever takes over is going to be worse. That is something that Paul could reasonably criticize. But once the decision was made, there were obviously going to be consequences. Complaining about those is just Monday morning quarterbacking.

    This administration seems to have a clue that the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend. I haven't heard much rhetoric from the State Department about the brave freedom fighters in Libya or Syria. Contrast that to the crap coming from Reagan's people about the Taliban or from W's neocons about how the Iraqi Shia would welcome us with open arms.

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