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View Diary: The Unbelievable Burden on Susan Hu (28 comments)

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  •  It sure sounds like the same case (none)
    to me, though I don't remember the author saying some of the things that appear in the official version.  By my recollection, he said that a doctor or psychologist at his base initially refused to find him insane, then under pressure backed down and allowed him to be evacuated to Germany for evaluation.  But once he got to Germany, the doctors there found him to be mentally fit.  I think the author was a sergeant, but my memory of the article is fuzzy.
    •  I recall the reading the article too (none)
      What I remember was that the psychiatrist was placed under intense pressure to declare the sergeant insane, but she refused. She finally did, not because of the pressure, but because she became convinced that his life was in danger and getting him out of the country was the only solution.
      •  Yep (none)
        that was exactly the situation as I remember it too.  Unless I misread it, the document here seems to say that the psychologist under pressure was in Germany, not Afghanistan.

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