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    Minnesota Deb

    Kennedy gave his "Ask not" speech.  The poet was Robert Frost.  We lived in D.C., and it was freezing-ass cold, so we stayed home and watched it on black-and-white TV.

    The next day I went to school (I was in the fifth grade).  There was a girl in my class who'd been for Nixon. This girl and I had developed a rather reserved and grown-up debating style. She would debate by telling me what her father thought, which was basically that "Kennedy is nothing but that criminal Roosevelt, only he can walk." I would say things like "Nyah, nyah, Nixon lost," and then I'd make an armpit fart at her.

    Anyway, on January 21, 1961, I said "Nyah nyah, Kennedy got inaugurated," and she said "My FATHER says Kennedy STOLE his whole speech from ROOSEVELT," and I made more armpit farts at her.

    Maybe I can find her on Facebook or something, and we could work for FOX.

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