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View Diary: Ari Fleischer Forgets About Iran-Contra, Again (13 comments)

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    Eyesbright, Addison

    as for Ari, Iran was so terrified of Reagan that, in the the midst of a bloody war with Iraq, they threw their full support to the Shi'a in Lebanon and ignored the Gipper.

    The Gipper several hundred marines to Lebanon. This was part o the Gipper's Potemkin Battles (like Grenada) where he would show force against some feeble  (or non-existent) enemy.

    Alas, for those Marines, the Iranian supported Hezbollah didn't follow the Gipper's script.

    And the Gipper's response to the killing of hundreds of Americans in 1983? Shipping the perpetrators of that most heinous crime American weapons.

    As Mike Ditka would say, "Ari Fleisher, who are you crappin'!"

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