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View Diary: Homicidal mentally ill felon obtains gun permit, arsenal, in Minnesota (324 comments)

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    and it seems that people still fear people with mental illnesses, even though most never harm anyone except themselves

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      WakeUpNeo, tobendaro

      they mostly are afraid of mentally ill people or even angry frightened people who have big guns, which they insist they have a right to, regardless of how intimating they are to people around them. Fear and anger are related. I get angry when fear is pumped my way.

      What bothers me about is the people who's fear of mental illness and guns want to put people away or medicate them,  preemptively. Americans seem addicted to fear and if the so called medical mental health system and the government get to decide who is capable of violence it worries me. Especially with children, who they tend to over medicate if they don't fit into some preconceived social norm.

      I have a friend a psychiatrist who works for the state with the homeless. I asked her what she did to help them and she said nothing we just dispense meds. to them. I asked if that helped and she said no but it helps the pharmaceutical companies andd it's cheaper then counseling.    

      I would hope that this would not happen but personal experiences with my kids and the school system, was a nightmare. One of my kids was hyperactive, and they wanted him to be on Ritalin. He was 'disruptive' but not violent or even belligerent.  We tried it for while but it just messed him up. We gradually got him off meds and used other means. No junk food or sugar a healthy diet helped. So did running and other outdoor activities. Mister Roberts chilled him right out as did washing dishes for some reason.

      I've always been speedy naturally but I learned to live with it. sometimes comes in handy when I'm cranking  work out. My son, as the doctor said he would, out grew his ADD or whatever he was,  during puberty. His wife laughs when I tell her he was once hyperactive. I also have a autistic granddaughter and our society at this point is not tolerant to those who are differently wired and who stand out side of the norm.


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