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View Diary: Homicidal mentally ill felon obtains gun permit, arsenal, in Minnesota (324 comments)

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  •  By a psychiatrist, like James Holmes was. (3+ / 0-)
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    She reported he was a violent nut.

    It may be that a system is not perfect but a 'no system'
    approach is guaranteed not perfect.

    •  I would say (0+ / 0-)

      the same thing applies to putting in place a national gun regulatory system that bans assault type weapons and magazines or what ever the hell their called, along with registration and regulation of ammo and guns. This would have to apply to both sellers and owners/buyers.

      It may be a system that is imperfect but it would cut down on the availability of military grade weapons to 'violent nuts'. Seems to me that it would help more then armed guards in our schools and trying to sift through lists mentally ill people to find out who's violent and whose sane enough to won a gun. Ask me I think anybody who wants a Bushmaster or this type of gun or participates in the gun culture has serious problems and should not be armed. Is having an arsenal of say 30 guns not problematic regardless of what considered mentally healthy?   But I'm not a shrink.

      Disarming, the best we can, this gun crazy society would not stop all muckers from snapping and going on killing sprees but it would as you say be better then no system. When people regardless of the weapon used get violent and homicidal the first thing to do is disarm them. Why have these weapons that kill fast and efficiently in the hands of the general public? Mentally ill or healthy?

      As for mental illness is not our violent top to bottom society not partially the cause of people 'snapping'? Our national obsession with violence and fear is a problem that cannot be fixed by sorting out whose are violently nuts from the rest of us.. One trip to the video store is enough to tell any one who isn't enthralled with guns, vengeance, fear and violence that the whole country is has gone to the Dark Side.


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